Usage instructions capsules Keto Body - how to drink capsules, indications and contraindications

RECOMMEND OFFICIAL WEBSITE Keto Body USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Keto Body Keto Body Usage instructions THE CAPSULES Keto Body The capsules Keto Body When you receive Keto Body you must follow the instructions. Otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced. With regard to individual human biorhythms, we recommend the following mode of taking the capsules: white 1-2 hours after waking up; red half an hour after lunch; blue for 2-3 hours before bedtime. The manufacturer recommends to wash down the capsules with ordinary water. Keto Body does not violate the intestinal motility and does not cause dyspepsia. Before using the drug should consult a doctor. INDICATIONS FOR USE Keto Body The asset is sold without a prescription and is recommended for those who suffer from excess weight. The manufacturer list the indications for admission Keto Body points: overweight, obesity; toxins; high cholesterol; sedentary lifestyle; fatigue. In addition to weight loss drug is to increase the protective functions of the body. Keto Body normalizes the nervous system, nourishes the body with minerals and acids. CONTRAINDICATIONS Keto Body Tool for weight loss Keto Body does not harm the body. Cleansing of the body and the breakdown of fat occurs gradually, which eliminates the stress. Composed of only natural ingredients which cause no side effects. Contraindications: age less than 18 years of age; pregnancy and lactation; hypersensitivity to plant components; the period of acute allergic reactions. THE RESULTS OF THE APPLICATION Keto Body Without extra effort you can achieve a significant decrease in body weight in a month. It is an innovative tool that not like other drugs. Active components act in accordance with human biorhythms. When you use a set of measures for weight loss result from taking the capsules Keto Body increase. Capsules activate the metabolism, so the result from the sport is palpable. Alteration of the organism will occur without harm. You will get rid of fat, not muscle mass. If you need fast result, follow diet and exercise at least 3 times a week. ORDER Keto Body 50% DISCOUNT Enter your name Enter your phone number BUY Keto Body 98$ 49$ Keto Body CAPSULES A SUPER TOOL FOR WEIGHT LOSS THE OFFICIAL SITE ORIGINAL PRODUCT EXPERIENCE USAGE INSTRUCTIONS REVIEWS CITY ARTICLE PHARMACY